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Welcome to Barcola Holidays Casa Vacanze,

the house is rented for touristic purposes only, according to the Italian law n° 431/1998.

Wishing you a pleasant stay in Trieste, we would like to remind you the main rules that have to be followed in order to have a nice experience. Since we are not able to offer all the facilities as the hotel/guest house does, you are kindly asked:

- The guest is responsible for the keys that has been given (in case of loss, an extra cost will be charged).

- The guest must provide by himself for the daily cleaning of the house.

- The guest must take care of the flat and the furnitures; in case of damages will be considered responsible.

- The guest is required to respect the rules of decencies.

- The house must be left in the same condition in which was at check-in. (You can find everything necessary to clean and tidy up the house in the bathroom and in the understairs cupboard)

Thanks for your attention and enjoy your stay!


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